Introducing James Wright

Housing Online are delighted to welcome to the team our newest recruit, James Wright.

The Climate is Changing Poster

My Home Advent Calendar 2021

Every working day between 1st December and Christmas, we’ll be showcasing a tip, trick or piece of functionality that might just enhance your whole My Home experience.

The Climate is Changing Poster

Be the Change

As the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow approaches, we look at how even the smallest contribution to reducing our carbon emissions could be crucial

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A New (Ab)normal

2020 is a year doomed to live long in our memories. Will we ever return to our old lives, or has the world now changed forever? Is the way we live now destined to be our new (ab)normal?

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Introducing… These Homes

Housing Online are delighted to announce the launch of These Homes, a Digital Lettings Service designed to give tenants improved access to affordable rented properties across Scotland.

Garden Gnome

Reliably Opinionated

In a world that is increasingly data rich but information poor, we discuss why it’s good to have a trusted friend with an opinion.

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Upgrading our Security Best Practices

As part of our ongoing commitment to security best practices, Housing Online will raise the minimum standards of the cryptographic protocols we use to provide communications security across our network.

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Accessibility Matters

The accessibility of websites and services is always important, but you may have heard about it a lot more than usual over the last few weeks. Why might this be?

Sign that says 'Lockdown'

My Home during lockdown

What do you do when it is no longer possible for people to pop into your office to pay their rent?

Introducing Kat Higgins

Introducing Kat Higgins

Housing Online are delighted to welcome Kat Higgins into our growing team.

Home Working

Home Working: A Beginner’s Guide

A month on from joining the Housing Online team, Tim outlines the lessons he’s learned from his first few weeks as a home worker.

Virtual Meeting

Virtual meeting tips

As a fully remote company we rarely have meetings face to face, indeed most of our work is completed virtually. Over time we have become more experienced and knowledgeable on how to make virtual meetings work for all participants, and we share some of these tips here.