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At Housing Online we pride ourselves on building and developing web solutions which work for our customers specific needs.

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About Us

Our Mission

Working closely with our clients, from large housing association groups to small locally based co-operatives, we provide bespoke but affordable solutions to digital needs.

Companies naturally grow over time, and new systems are added on piece by piece as needs and technologies develop. We are digital dissectologists; experts at putting these technologies and systems together like a jigsaw puzzle, so they work together smoothly and effortlessly as if they were a single system.

By making sure we focus first on function, we always ensure the solution works in the way you and your customers expect. Only then do we package it up in a well designed and good looking wrapper, we want our solutions to look good but we never compromise on making sure it does the job you need it to do.

Whether you want to tap into a service we have designed specifically for the housing association industry, or if you want something brand new and bespoke, we are here to help you bring it to you affordably within your budget.

Ochil View Housing Association's
                My Home branded tenant portal

Ochil View Housing Association's
My Home branded tenant portal

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Upgrading our Security Best Practices

As part of our ongoing commitment to security best practices, Housing Online will raise the minimum standards of the cryptographic protocols we use to provide communications security across our network.

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Accessibility Matters

The accessibility of websites and services is always important, but you may have heard about it a lot more than usual over the last few weeks. Why might this be?

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