Our clients have individual needs, and we like to consider the problem that needs solving rather than attempting to solve all problems with a single solution. We also find we are often developing websites and solutions that integrate with legacy services and software that our customers use. Creating a bespoke solution does not mean a high cost, because time is not spent altering an off the shelf product that does not fully solve your requirements, and it is much easier (and cheaper) to adapt the solution as your requirements adapt.

It would almost impossible to list all our services, as we find ourselves solving new digital puzzles every month. Here are some of the integrations we have completed, although we are always looking for new challenges.

"ELHA tenants performed 800 automatic transactions in the last quarter using their My Home portal"

  • Resource Scheduling tools, for example Xmbrace DRS or Total Mobile Connect
  • Online repair pickers, such as Interfinder
  • Housing Management Software
  • Online payment gateways, including Worldpay and Sagepay
  • Accounts packages, such as Sage via Zynk
  • Live chat applications, including LivePerson LiveEngage
  • Social media services, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • Accessibility tools, including ReadSpeaker and Browsealoud
  • Custom tools, for example a local network and website file synchronisation tool