At Housing Online we enjoy finding new ways to solve problems. The Housing Association industry is looking to modernise, to help tenants keep in touch easily, and to improve how their systems interact to make a smoother and more cost effective process. This should not be a hard process, but without the right guidance it is often more difficult and costly than it should be.

Our mission at Housing Online is to solve your digital issues by providing solutions that are as simple for you and your tenants to understand as possible. We work with organisations over the long term, helping as their digital needs change and grow. Our clients come to us with a variety of digital questions and we quickly become a trusted partner. Understanding your organisation, your services and your aims and objectives ensures that we are quickly able to form long-term, collaborative relationships based on an understanding of the needs of your business as you change and grow.

"Printed letters and telephone calls now only make up 29% of our tenant contacts (last year that was 51%)"

Working with a new supplier can sometimes feel like a risk, and it’s natural to have worries over communication and escalating costs. At Housing Online, we have a proud track record of building long term relationships with our clients.

As a new client, our promises to you are:

  • To clearly explain any charges associated with providing a service or product before we start work
  • To be open and collaborative, using plain language and explaining any technical issues clearly
  • To treat everyone honestly and with respect
  • To be open when reselling products and services and will declare any vested interests
  • To commit to equal opportunities and environmentally sound working practices
  • To commit to dealing with any complaints, disputes or problems promptly, openly and effectively

Our promises to our clients are driven by how we work, and the values we have. If you are interested in our company ethos, see our values in detail.