Phil Sorrell

Phil Sorrell Managing Director

Phil has over fifteen years of experience working with Housing Associations to build customer-led web solutions. Phil firmly believes in fostering close relationships with clients to better deliver solutions that genuinely meet customer needs. Perhaps unusually for the industry, Phil believes projects should be fairly priced, delivered on time, to budget and to an exceptionally high standard. A keen hiker, orienteer and wild swimmer, Phil enjoys unwinding by playing fiendishly complicated board games and running around the countryside map in hand.

Sam Bryan

Sam BryanTechnical Director

Sam has worked with housing and commercial organisations for more than twenty years, specialising in the building of innovative, highly available web applications. As technical director, he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Housing Online’s information technology, infrastructure, information security, data and analytics. Like all sensible people, Sam likes cats, finding strange music on the internet and messing about with radios.

Leanda Ryan

Leanda RyanCreative Director

Leanda is Housing Online’s designer and front-end developer and has yet to meet a piece of digital functionality that she doesn’t believe could be enhanced by a cleaner design. Leanda graduated with a degree in Interactive Arts from Manchester Metropolitan University and worked within the arts and cultural sector for eighteen years before opting to bring her creativity to the housing world. When not patiently explaining the fundamentals of good design again to her cloth-eared colleagues, Leanda keeps her mind clear with a ferocious dedication to her spin team and dreams of the soothing tranquility of the Greek Islands.

Sarah Pascall

Sarah Pascall FCA Operations & Finance Director

Sarah qualified as a chartered accountant at PwC, working in finance and insurance before moving into the public sector to focus on management and regulation. A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Sarah is responsible for the smooth running of the back office at Housing Online. Away from work, Sarah enjoys a spot of club rowing and coaching, as well as bread making to fuel her rowing habit. As a keen reader, Sarah couldn’t pick out a single favourite author, but is a huge fan of as diverse a range of writers as Kazuo Ishiguro, Daphne du Maurier and Terry Pratchett.

Kat Higgins

Kat Higgins Support Lead

Kat joined Housing Online from the West Highland Housing Association and as a qualified Housing Practitioner brought with her a wealth of direct experience of Housing in general, and of Scottish Housing in particular. As our Support Lead, Kat uses her insight and empathy every single day to help us to provide the best possible experience to our customers. In her spare time, Kat loves exploring the beautiful Scottish countryside on her doorstep with her family. As a keen scuba diver, this includes spending plenty of time below the water line too. Displaying a level of multi-tasking beyond most mere mortals, Kat is also due to complete a degree in IT with the Open University in 2022, at which point she will join our team of developers as a fully-fledged technical whizzkid.

Tim Sorrell

Tim Sorrell Product & Communications Manager

After more than twenty years working in a corporate environment for companies like Boots and IBM, Tim is now delighted to apply his analytical skills and passion for delivering change somewhere he might actually be able to make a difference. A Masters degree in Medieval History was not perhaps the most trodden path for a career working with Information technology, but Tim is also the proud owner of professional qualifications in Project Management and Business Analysis. When not working, Tim spends as much time as he can either running, coaching running, guiding visually impaired runners or helping organise a local parkrun. He also sings in a choir and tries very hard to sound as much like Johnny Cash or Scott Walker as he possibly can.

James Wright

James WrightSenior Software Developer

Before joining Housing Online, James spent much of the last ten years working as a contractor for a range of organisations, including the Ministry of Defence. As the Senior Software Developer at Housing Online, James specialises in building custom applications, websites and mobile applications and is responsible for producing much of the technical magic that powers our systems. He promises us that working with Housing Associations is so far every bit as exciting as working with tanks. When not working, James enjoys time with his family and friends, enjoying good food and excellent - sometimes home brewed - beer.