Clarity, Honesty and Fairness underline all of our values. We price our services in this way, and we deal with our customers, staff and suppliers in this way.

"Honesty. Clarity. Fairness. These are our values and we invite you to hold us to them."

We will communicate with you using plain English principles. The world of technology often becomes confusing when wrapped up in techno-speak, but by using clear terms we find our customers can make better decisions faster.

As a company we price our services with honesty and fairness. We aim to make a reasonable profit, to reinvest into the company to enable us to continue to build innovative products and great services. We pay taxes on any profit, and we do not use tax avoidance schemes. How could we promise to deliver a good service to you and your tenants, whilst avoiding paying a fair amount of tax to support those people who need it most.

We also pay our employees and directors fairly. We reward people for a job well done, as a fairly rewarded team provides a service that will impress and build trust over the long term.

Full Statement of Values

  • Honesty in all dealings
  • Clear pricing, without negotiation tactics (inflating prices to give false discounts)
  • Clear payments to suppliers, never intentionally paying outside terms
  • Clear English principles, making what we do clear and understandable to all
  • Reasonable profit to drive the ability to reinvest and provide good working conditions
  • No tax avoidance, pay our fair amount of taxes to the economy
  • Clear and open about salaries and benefits
  • Perk and benefit free, instead paying these into salaries to offer staff free choice on what they spend their money on
  • Equality: no individuals or groups get better working conditions (such as offices and better hardware)
  • Sustainable offices and work practices
  • Decisions made by agreement rather than voting or forceful words
  • Courage to stand up for beliefs and to be truthful to senior staff
  • Hierarchy free where possible
  • Offering part time, flexible work. Offering the ability to work outside office hours, and away from physical offices
  • Staff before customers, and customers before profits
  • Remuneration for good job done, rather than hours worked
  • Helping the industry build a better web - avoiding dark design patterns (leading users to do things they were not intending to), protecting visitor data, privacy and attention, and making sites that are accessible to all