What better way to countdown to Christmas than with the 2020 My Home Advent Calendar? Every working day between 1st December and Christmas, we’ll be revealing a new tip to help enhance and improve your My Home experience. Sit back and prepare to unwrap the gift that keeps on giving!

Twenty Three

Staff Only Content

My Home has the ability to hold staff only content.

Twenty Two

Microsoft Login

If you use Microsoft 365, we can now add a staff Microsoft login for My Home.


Factored Owner Module

A factored owner module is available for My Home. The module allows you to choose a customer group that represents factored owners so that they see a replacement dashboard panel to the tenancy dashboard, and adds the ability for factored owners to make factored payments online.


Customer Groups

Customer groups are a way of grouping your tenants / customers into groups.


Active User Report

A new ‘Reports’ option has been added to the administration menu. This feature contains a registered users report.


Multiple Payment Gateways

My Home can support different payment gateways for staff, tenants and factored owners making payments.



The ‘Notices’ module allows notices to be added to a tenant’s My Home account to advise them of information or important events.


Cash Payments with Receipts Copied to Finance

The ‘tenant payments’ module allows cash payments to be taken through My Home, allowing the rent account to be updated immediately and finance to be notified of the payment.


The Ability to Create (Multiple) Staff Repair Pickers

My Home supports the creation of multiple staff repair pickers. This can be useful for staff who carry out mobile working, such as estate inspections or close inspections where they need to log specific repairs.


Proxy Users

The ‘proxy users’ module allows users other than tenants to login and access accounts on behalf of tenants with their permission.