Building upon the tradition started last year, why not count down to Christmas with the Housing Online 2021 My Home Advent Calendar? Each working day through Advent, we'll be unveiling a new tip or trick to help enrich your My Home experience. We can't offer you an advent chocolate behind each window, but perhaps we can show you something that will bring you some joy well into 2022 and beyond.

Twenty two

SDM Manager Codes

You can now link staff users to SDM manager codes.

Twenty one

My Home Support Pages

Our Help Centre has a dedicated My Home area which can help you make the most of your My Home.


Bedroom Field Addition

The number of bedrooms a property has can now be made visible on the tenant dashboard.


Registration Options

There are some different options for allowing tenants to register and access My Home depending on the needs of your organisation.


Proxy Users

The ‘proxy users’ module allows users other than tenants to login and access accounts on behalf of tenants with their permission.


Board Module

The Board Module adds a separate and dedicated Board Members area to My Home.


Alternative Diagnostic Tools

Housing Online now has a repairs diagnostic tool that allows you to build your own logic trees to suit your organisation.


Microsoft Login

If you use Microsoft 365, we can now add a staff Microsoft login for My Home.



The ‘Notices’ module allows notices to be added to a tenant’s My Home account to advise them of information or important events.



There is a Reports option in the administration menu which contains prebuilt My Home reports.


Dynamic Forms

Dynamic forms are for staff to use and are accessible on My Home against tenants, properties, or jobs.


New Admin Template

We have a new admin template available for My Home which has been designed to help staff navigate more easily.